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solstice in the weekly

The air is thick with passionate dialogue and emotive hands; learners young and old expound on the principles of biochemistry or Nietzsche over generous slices of lemon-poppyseed bread ($2) and equally generous quantities of caffeine; rustic tomato-basil soup ($3.50) and crispy grilled-cheese sandwiches on sourdough ($3.95) provide sustenance for conversational exertion; and graduate students wind down from the intensity of academia with a glass of Kiona cabernet/merlot or Fat Bastard chardonnay ($5/glass).


The review says no WiFi -- doesn't the new Ave wireless penetrate the walls?

i live at solstice cafe! even my lj userpic is in solstice!

what an awesome lj community i just found!
i've been an everyday solstice regular for the last year and a half or so and i'm friends with many of the baristas and on first-name, drink-memorized basis [tall caramel latte] with many of the rest. so i've probably seen all of you sometime and you've probably seen me. please comment, tell me who you are, how long you've been going to solstice, something about yourself...

i'll start. i'm nahzi. i'm 19, been solstice-ing for a year and a half, i'm obsessed with the color pink, i'm a pre-med at uw...

your turn. <3
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drinky drinky

Solstice now has a notice up for its application for liquor license. I talked to a barista about it and he wasn’t too pleased, but as meena always says: Cafes are just daytime bars.

another letter to solstice

My dearest Solstice,
Please forgive me for neglecting you lately. I hope that you don't take my absence to heart. I simply haven't been able to get into town much lately, I'm so busy. I miss you terribly and look forward to once again resting in your comforting embrace, though I don't know when that will be. Please don't forget me.
I remain yours, faithfully,


Someone be my friend and IM me ;) that sounds like a GREAT idea! =) Then maybe we can get coffee and be coffee pals! hehe
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A disappointed note to Solstice:
You let me down today. Is it because I've been neglecting you? Cafe Allegro was open and buzzing. Why can't you be more like Cafe Allegro? Hmm? And how do you plan to make it up to me? Or do you? Well... I still love you, I just need some time to think, okay?

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Solstice was sweet cocoa refuge today from my blustery country blackout. The afternoon baristas are angels, and always make me smile. Today they did it not just with kindness but also by playing The Church:
... Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty,
... Some of the breath fades with the light.
... I think about this loveless fascination,
... Under the Milky Way tonight.

At least I think that's what they're singing. But really I just dug it for the synth-bagpipe solo and the 12-string. Anyway, that tune goes so well with cocoa, paper, and pencil. I eavesdropped on an argument over photosynthesis and felt inspired.

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At a White Elephant party I attended last night, one of the hottest items was this barista action figure. When my turn came up, I stole it, but then someone stole it from me, dammit. Foiled again. I wanted to burn the motherfucker in effigy. TWO HEADS! It has TWO HEADS! Both have trendy glasses, of course. ::groan:: I wanted to smell the burning plastic, watch as the flesh melted in the flame, imagine her tortured cries as she begged forgiveness for her snippy impatience with my incompetent cocoa-ordering...
Yikes! I have a bit of pent-up-barista-rage, no?
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